Meletti, Amaro


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Meletti, Amaro
Spirits: Bitters
Geography: Le Marche, Italy
Size: 750 ml
ABV: 32%

Taste:  With hints of violet, saffron, caramel, and an array of spices, this is a subtly bitter and beautifully balanced liqueur perfect for enjoying after a meal.

Pairing:  Served as a digestivo — an after-dinner sipper, generally poured neat — it’s a beautiful drink. But it’s also incredibly versatile in cocktails. It has the herbs and botanicals of many of its fellow amari, without being as nearly bitter. As a result, it can play a vermouth-like role in a Manhattan, be the anchor for a big pour of soda, or add depth and character to a sour. And in the winter, its richness plays beautifully in seasonal drinks. 

Additional Information:  Known botanicals include anise, clove, gentian, orange peel, saffron, and violet flower. The method of cold-extraction known as percolation is the method for obtaining flavors and the neutral spirit base is a blend of molasses and beetroot. Water and sugar are added as well. Most ingredients sourced from the region.

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