Welcome to Franklin Cellars

Welcome to Franklin Cellars

How we opened a wine boutique during COVID-19.

Al, Elliott, and Mike have been best friends for more than half their life. When the old, run-down liquor store on Franklin and Putnam closed its door, they thought to open another. Working hard through the hardest-hit months of COVID-19, they opened Franklin Cellars, the wine boutique they had always dreamed of. That’s where we are now. 

“We want the store to be a place where you can not only buy quality wines but also learn about wines, taste some wines, have a conversation, have a laugh,” said Mike. The three aimed high and settled for nothing less. 


It wasn’t all champagne and rosé. “The old store was in such bad shape. At one point, the floor was literally caving in, and I fell through it!” laughed Elliott, reminiscing about the renovation period. Mike also happened to catch a bad case of COVID-19, so Al and Elliott picked up the work.


“When I think about it, I wouldn’t have done it any other way. We have known and worked with each other for so long,” said Al. “When one of us couldn’t do it, the rest stepped in, stepped up, and gave our 200%.”


We have learned so much along the way, and we want you to be a part of our journey to explore and refine this craft. Here on this blog, you will find our own written wine guides, rankings, and reviews. You will be the first to catch the most exciting new bottles we have, hear about our wine tastings, and other fun stuff we do! And of course, we have a lot more stories to tell :)


Welcome to Franklin Cellars!


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