Top 5 Wines for Summer Parties

Top 5 Wines for Summer Parties

Check out these cool & refreshing picks!

Throwing a summer party? Want a crowdpleaser that doesn’t break the bank, or something that leaves a bold impression? Check out our refreshing and affordable picks below!

1. Ruby Red Grapefruit Rosé


A huge hit in France, this semi-sweet rosé is made from 80% Cotes du Provence Rose and delicious ruby red grapefruit juice. Crisp, smooth, vibrant, and even better chilled. Can’t go wrong with it, and you’d never guess its price!


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2. Cyprès de Toi 2020 Rosé


Up your ante with this smooth, well-balanced, 100% organic Malbec rosé. Exhibiting notes of cranberry, sour cherry, and plum, it’s just a tad pricier than our above pick, with a tad more body. Made with love by a married couple on their own 15ha organic vineyard in Corbières, France.


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3. Les Vins Pirouettes Eros de Vincent


Tired of rosé? Try orange wines! Tastes like orange blossoms with a chalky, mineral finish, and smells like apricot skins and stewed apples; this coral-colored Riesling offers a lively, off-kilter experience for you and your guests. A soulful natural wine at a friendly price.


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4. 2020 Forlorn Hope “Queen of the Sierra” Estate Amber Wine


The not-like-the-other-rosé rosé! Organically grown and spontaneously fermented in Calaveras Country, California, this medium-bodied wine brings vivacious hints of ripe strawberries, concentrated watermelons, orange blossoms, and Calaveras limestones. Goes great with BBQ and smoky-flavored food!


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5. Chateau Le Giron Grand Vin De Bordeaux Blanc


Dinner party? Pair this gold-colored, floral Bordeaux Blanc with mussels, oysters, and other h'or d'oeuvres. Bright, round, tangy with a super long and satisfying finish, this medium-bodied bottle will start the evening on a crisp note.


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…Yeah, we are kinda obsessed with rosé, orange wines, and other fruity wines at the moment. Can’t blame us, it’s only the start of the summer!


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