THOUGHTS™ Straight Bourbon Whiskey


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by chefboyhardy 10-05-2021 15:16

This bourbon is a game-changer. I've never had a bourbon that I can just sip without burning my throat. I love the taste. A little on the sweeter side which makes it good for Old Fashions. A must-have for my liquor cabinet.

by Eric 10-05-2021 15:08

Smooth easy drinking no bite but packs a powerful punch

by Adrian 09-05-2021 13:13

Surprisingly smooth with a distinct edge. Paired well with my cigar after dinner. Looking forward to sharing this with friends.

by Jd Mac 08-05-2021 21:37

Best bourbon whiskey I ever had

by Jd Mac 08-05-2021 21:35

Beat bourbon whiskey I ever had

by ChefBoyHardy 07-05-2021 23:15

This one is a game changer—ultra-smooth with a sweet finish and no burn. Now I know what quality bourbon is. Perfect for that cigar life.

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