Spanna 'Cuvee Bernardo Vallana'


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Name: Spanna 'Cuvee Bernardo Vallana'
Region: Piedmont, Italy
Grape: Nebbiolo
Size: 750mL
ABV: 13%

This wine is the result of the work and the passion of the youngest generation of Vallanas. However, it is also the fruit of an age-long family tradition, perfectly embodied in the XX century by Bernardo Vallana. The structure of the cellars on three layers, the size and the type of the fermentation tanks, the space for barrels and long-ageing bottles, most of the equipment the winery is still using today… all of this was designed or chosen by Bernardo Vallana. Most importantly, he left them with wines of incredible finesse and structure that are the greatest inspiration for their work and set the style of the winery.

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