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Shinju, Japanese Whisky 750ml


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Japan- Shinju, meaning "Pearl", was created using the pristine waters from the slopes of Mt. Fuji. Aged 2 - 4 years in mature white oak barrels to give Shinju its rich caramel color and distinct flavor profile.

The pristine alpine water used to create Shinju whiskey flows down the southeastern
flank of Mount Fuji to the location of the distillery, which was chosen particularly for this reason. The climate here is much cooler and less humid than much of Japan, and is most similar to that of Scotland. This blend of whiskies spent 2-4 years maturing in white oak barrels, and shows delicate aromas of honey and orange blossoms. Light on the palate, Shinju is a very pretty sipping whiskey that brilliantly suited to the transition from winter to spring.

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