Lindner's Hamden Hill Honey Cider


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Lindner's Hamden Hill Honey Cider
Geography: Hamden, NY
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 8.5%

Award-winning, made and sold only in New York State.

Fresh-pressed NY Cider (Fujis, Jonagolds, Macs, Empires and Macouns) with buckets of The Rogers Ranch Honey (a pound per gallon of cider) fermented with the wild yeast saved from fermenting our wild cider Cabin Hill. After a really clean, consistent and pleasant month-long ferment it hit fresh dumped buttery Chardonnay barrels from Mondavi. A couple months in barrel and then it was bottled and rested for over a year to mellow out. Huge honey/vanilla nose, a clean and crisp mouthfeel and a long, vinous finish.

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