Joao Pato Espumante "Rosa Duck" Pet Nat


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Name: Joao Pato "Rosa Duck" Pet-Nat
Grapes: 95% Fernão Pires, 5% Baga
Geography: Ois do Barro, Anadia, Portugal
Size: 750 ml
ABV: 10.5%

Aroma: Chalky, rose petals. strawberry, cherry.

Taste: Popping red fruits with a zesty citrus notes. Extremely refreshing. Crisp and light with a complex finish, this wine takes you on luscious journey.

Food Pairing: Oysters, shellfish, seafood. Grilled white meats, salads, sushi. Even barebecue, mexican or indian food. This wine pairs with pretty much anything.

Additional Notes: From 30 year old vines planted to several plots of chalky-clay and sandy soils within three sites called São Lourenço, Óis do Bairro and Amoreira da Gândara. The grapes are vineyard sorted with harvest on August 18th. Maceration of white and red grapes occurs in plastic eggs for five days, followed by spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel with ambient yeasts lasting three weeks under temperature control. The wine is bottled in August 2020 and aged in bottle until release (Nov 2020) with no liquor de tirage added. Not fined or filtered.

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