El Buho, Espadìn Mezcal 1 liter


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El Buho, Espadìn Mezcal 1 liter
Spirits: Mezcal
Espadin agave
Geography: Oaxaca, Mexico
Size: 1L
ABV: 45%

Color : Crystal clear. Small and tightly grouped perlas.

Aroma : Light roast, vanilla.

Taste : Caramel, red apple, salt. Finishes with roasted agave, coffee.

Additional information: The flagship mezcal artesanal of El Buho’s line, our Espadin has a light roast and smoke to its nose.  This Espadin is perfect for cocktails or enjoyed on its own.

Spanish for the ‘sword,’ the Espadin agave has long been cultivated due to its vitality, high sugar content and short lifecycle. These agaves mature around 7 to 10 years in age, which is one of the shortest maturation cycles of the 30 to 40 varietals commonly used to make mezcal.

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