Charbay, Clear Vodka 1 liter


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Charbay, Clear Vodka 1 liter
Spirits: Vodka
Corn and Rye
Geography: California, United States
Size: 1 L
ABV: 40%

Taste: Charbay Vodka is distilled one time, from 100% pure mix of corn and rye sourced directly from farmers in the Midwest. Distilled in a 4-Column Still, to Markos' very specific instructions, it is smooth, well-rounded and pure tasting from the beginning.

Additional Information:  The art of making vodka is preserving the mouth-feel of what's being distilled. There is no need for charcoal filtration, so we don't do it. Using fantastic northern California water completes the process of giving you a very smooth, well rounded and clean, vodka experience.

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