Caruso e Minini Grillo (2020)


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Name: Caruso e Minini Grillo (2020)
Varietal: Grillo
Geography: Sicily, Italy
Size: 750 mL
ABV: 13%

Aroma: lemon, gooseberry and sage.

Taste: Light palate driven by apple and lemon and nutty flavors. A great alternative to Pinot Grigio, especially if you're looking for a great white, Italian table wine.

Food pairing: Seafood, vegetable casaroles, Pastas with fresh lemon and cream sauce, Lemon chicken, Walnut-rolled goats' cheese with honey, less sweet desserts such as walnut cookies

Additional Info: Classic Sicilian white wine made from Grillo, which are traditionally used to fortify Marsala. Fermented in oak which does not overwhelm the palate.

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