Agave de Cortés, Joven Mezcal


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Agave de Cortés, Joven Mezcal
Geography: Oaxaca, Mexico
Size:750 mL
ABV: 40%

Aroma: Notes of mesquite wood rise to the nose and later the palate.

Taste:  Non-aggressive smoke with somewhat of a heated finish.

Additional Information: Agave de Cortes Joven was made with 100% agave Espadin. It was traditionally produced by mezcalero Leoncio Santiago with a copper still in Santiago Matatlan. It entered the market in 2015 at 43% ABV, but Casa Cortes changed that to 45% ABV back in 2016. This was the first release from the Cortes family that used cultivated Espadin. Given the success of the Nuestra Soledad brand, which also uses cultivated agave Espadin, the Agave de Cortes Joven mezcal is no longer produced at the same frequency as in previous years.

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